These Grandmas Keep Accidentally Tagging Themselves As 'Grandmaster Flash' On Facebook

12 September 2014, 16:39

Just grandmas being grandmas.

You know when you start typing a friends name in a post on Facebook and it automatically identifies their page and tags them? Well Grandmas keep signing off messages to their Grandkids with 'Grandma' and accidently tagging themselves as hip-hop artist Grandmaster Flash.

Some are completely unaware that they are doing it. 

Grandmaster Flash Tweets

Some grandkids have chosen to ignore what their grandma has done.

Grandmaster Flash Tweets

Some Grandmas are totally bewildered at the situation.

Grandmaster Flash Tweets

Grandmaster flash tweets

And others are just being normal, adorable grandmas. 

Grandmaster Flash Tweets

Grandmaster Flash Tweets

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