17 Of Chrissy Teigen’s Greatest Twitter Clapbacks

14 February 2017, 13:46

Chrissy Teigen 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

All hail Twitter's resident Clapback Queen.

When it comes to Twitter clapbacks, Chrissy Teigen is pretty much the unrivalled queen.

The model and TV personality frequently shuts down trolls and haters with her witty quips and sarcastic humour.

She's even taught her husband John Legend a thing or two, with the singer also being partial to the odd comeback too.

Check out Chrissy's greatest clapbacks of all time.

1. When someone came at her for this tweet...

So she hit back with this gem.


2. When this user attempted to bring her down...

And she owned her.


3. When someone told her focus more attention on 'pleasing' John...

And she shut them down like this.


4. When she congratulated her best friend Beyonce on her pregnancy and the trolls picked up on it...

So she trolled them right back.

And again...

And again.


5. When this user bashed her after making a joke about John's Grammy nomination...

And Chrissy set the record straight.


6. When Miss Teen USA announced their Top 5 finalists...

And Chrissy said what we were all thinking.


7. When someone came after her for "not living in the real world"...

To which Chrissy replied with this glorious clapback.


8. This. Just this.


9. Also, back off, Debbie.


10. When this hater was NOT in the festive mood...

So Chrissy lent a helping hand.


11. When she thought John was getting a little bit too big for his boots...

So she brought him back down to Earth.


12. When this user took some petty shots at the model...

And she enlightened him.


13. When this Trump supporter took things in a hateful direction...

And Chrissy returned the favour with some true clapback gold.


14. Bye Faron.


15. This user soon discovered you can't hide behind a deleted tweet. Not with Chrissy around.


16. Seriously.


17. And after being slammed for going out to dinner soon after her daughter's birth, she was taking no prisoners.


Keep slaying, Chrissy.

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