Kendrick Lamar Accepts Dr Dre's Ice Bucket Challenge, Takes It Up A Notch

21 August 2014, 09:46

Three times.

After Dr Dre completed the now-viral ice bucket challenge (and took it very, very seriously) he nominated he good friends Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.

Whilst there's still no word on Snoop, and Eminem has said he accepts the challenge but is yet to do it, Kendrick Lamar has responded.

"I have accepted Dr Dre's ALS Challenge" Kendrick said, before he had not one, not two, but three buckets thrown over his head. 

Hit play about to see who Kendrick has passed the challenge along to.

After being nominated by Kojo and Jade, Manny Norte got involved in the ice bucket challenge for charity - and he did not get off lightly - check out his hilarious video here.

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