Kanye West Signs To Adidas, Claims He's The "Tupac Of Product"

Watch the rapper confirm that he's moving from Nike to Adidas.

Kanye West

Following weeks of speculation, Kanye West has all but confirmed that he's signed to Adidas in a deal that looks set to move Yeezy from his long-standing partnership with Nike, where he released two versions of his Yeezy trainer.

Kanye spoke about his collaboration with Adidas - and his reasons for leaving Nike - during an interview on US radio, insisting that he wanted to become bigger than Walmart.

Watch the interview below: (Warning: this video contains strong language that some people may find offensive.)

He said he wanted to become the "Tupac of product", outlining his plans to become a billionaire. "I gotta turn up," he said. "I gotta get my money  up to another level  'cause it ain't on Jay Z level, it ain't on Diddy level yet.”

Kanye is currently travelling across the US on his 'Yeezus' tour.

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