Beyonce's And Jay Z's 'Drunk In Love' Gets Kanye West Remix: New Music

15 February 2014, 19:42

Plus, watch a promo video starring Beyoncé for Kanye's re-working of the track.

Presumably as his Valentine's Day present for Beyonce, Kanye West has dropped a remix of 'Drunk In Love' featuring Jay Z. The remix once again brings three of the most powerful musicians in the world together on record, and sees Kanye introduce elements of his own song 'Flashing Lights' into Beyonce's track.

Only hours after dropping the remix, Beyoncé teased fans with a 38 second video promoting Kanye's re-working of the song. The short clip sees Beyoncé in full cowgirl style, wearing only a revealing white leotard, a cowgirl hat and boots - rope in hand. 

Catch the teaser video above and listen to Kanye West's remix of 'Drunk In Love' below:

Kanye drops some bold and confident lines in the track about wild nights with a woman, which end up going "all over the house girl".

'Drunk In Love' was one of the singles taken from Beyonce's recent self-titled debut album, which was released last December with no prior promotion.


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