Lethal Bizzle Reveals That Fuse ODG Is Featuring On his 'Fester Skank' Remix

23 April 2015, 06:00

Lethal Bizzle Reveals Fuse ODG Will Feature On The 'Fester Skank' Remix

Watch Lethal Bizzle exclusively reveal to Toni Phillips who will be on the 'Fester Skank' remix.


Watch Lethal Bizzle exclusively reveal details about the 'Fester Skank' remix on Capital XTRA.

Lethal Bizzle has revealed exclusively on Capital XTRA that Fuse ODG is featuring in his upcoming 'Fester Skank' remix. 

Speaking to Toni Phillips, the Grime artist announced that there are about five big names that will feature on the remix to his chart-topping song, which is due to drop in a matter of weeks. 

"There's a lot of cool people on there that I think a lot of people are going to get excited about," Lethal Bizzle said. "This is an exclusive - i'm going to give you an exclusive about who's on the remix... It's Fuse ODG."

Lethal also spoke about the US rappers that he thinks highly of, mentioning Kanye West as one of the best and explained the origins of the 'Fester Skank.'

Lethal Bizzle Talks Kanye West, The Origins Of The 'Fester Skank' And Working With Robbie Williams

Watch Toni Phillips talk exclusively to Lethal Bizzle on Capital XTRA.


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