Busta Rhymes And Azealia Banks Remix Beyonce's 'Partition'

In an unlikely collaboration Busta and Azealia team up to stamp their mark on a new Beyonce track.

Azealia Banks and Busta Rhymes

It's been about a week since Beyonce dropped a new track or video (who knew she took breaks?), so Busta Rhymes and Azealia Banks have stepped in with something fresh for our ears.

The pair have teamed up to remix Queen Bey's 'Partition,' from her new self-titled album.

It comes a week after Busta tweeted that he and Azealia had 'just made a banger - but don't shut down - Azealia took to Twitter after the release to tell fans to hold tight. 

Hear Busta and Azaelia take over on the Timbaland-produced remix below:

(Warning: This song contains language that some may find offensive)  

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