Beyoncé Gives Kelly Rowland 'The Eyes' In Vintage Desinty's Child Video Clip

Watch the original Destiny's Child members reaction when Kelly Rowland announces herself as "second lead vocalist" of the group.

Old Destiny's Child Vine

A hilarious old-school video clip has surfaced on social networking site Vine, showing Beyoncé  and old Destiny's Child band mates giving Kelly Rowland a dirty look if ever we saw one.

As the foursome sit for an interview, Kelly Rowland introduces herself as "The second lead vocalist in the group" – the camera then switches to show Beyoncé, LaTavia and LeToya lean in to look at her in disbelief.

It doesn't end there, Beyonce then gives a perfectly timed cough and threw some unimpressed 'side-eye' Kelly's way for good measure. 

The video might just win 'Vine of the year' and it's only January 5th. Watch the video below:

Beyonce and Kelly hooked up early last year with old band mate Michelle Williams to perform as a three-piece at the Superbowl. In the early days of Destiny's Child, both LeToya and LaTavia left the group and were replaced by Michelle Williams, when the band found huge success. 

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