Did Jay Z Just Get Caught Whispering Something Naughty Into Beyonce's Ear?

That awkward moment when everyone sees you sweet-talking your girl.

Jay Z whispering into Beyonce's ear

It has been a few days now since Beyonce and Jay Z kicked off their 'On The Run' tour in America, but footage of an intimate moment between the couple has just surfaced online.

It shows Jay Z whispering something into his wife's ear during 'Drunk In Love' and fans are speculating that the rapper might have been saying something dirty.

Watch the moment Jay whispered in Beyonce's ear below.

While we will probably never know what was said, Beyonce's reaction - a little nudge with her elbow at Jay and a smile - appears to suggest that she found it funny.

The crowd at the stadium in Miami certainly wanted to know what Jay was saying, as did Bey's fans.

Meanwhile, Bey's just thinking something like this.

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