Beyonce Gets A Missy Elliot Mash-Up, 'Yoncé Get Your Freak On'

Listen to this mad mash-up of Beyonce and Missy Elliot.

Beyonce Yonce

You might not have heard of the South African producer Audio Savage before, but you're going to love this mash-up of Beyonce and Missy Elliot. The track puts together 'Yoncé/Partition' and Missy's massive hit 'Get Your Freak On' and pulls it off in pretty impressive style.

Listen to 'Youncé Gets He Freak On' below:

Audio Savage has somewhat of a reputation for his mash-ups - check out Soundcloud for more - but 'Yoncé Get Your Freak On' is the first to attract such widespread attention.

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